Moksha, personal project.

Moksha is the concept of ultimate freedom and liberation in Dharmic religions. Derived from the Sanskrit word, mukt, which means “liberation,” “release” and “emancipation”, it is the release from the life-death cycle and from the limitations of a worldly existence. To reach the state of moksha is to attain absolute freedom, peace and oneness with the divine.

India is a highly religious and spiritual country where religion constitutes an integrated and essential part of daily life. Rituals and religious practices are ubiquitously incorporated into everyday activities and celebrated on a daily basis. Though India is one of the most religiously diverse countries in the world, at the centre of all its Dharmic religions lies the ultimate goal of attaining Moksha.

This photo series is an exploration of the common thread that weaves through India’s vastly diverse and multifaceted fabric. Since there is an infinite number of methods, rituals and traditions that lead to the same goal, it becomes apparent that the same pursuit can look seemingly different from the outside.

Moksha raises questions about universalism, institutionalisation, class systems, diversity and the human condition by exploring the underlying motivations behind everyday practices and deconstructing Dharmic belief systems.

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